Ethiopia Federal Government opposes Tigray elections – What a joke!!

Ethiopia’s House of Federation (HoF) has just voted and declared the Tigray’s upcoming regional election “unconstitutional.” What a joke!

Now, I am no fan of the TPLF. I believe that the TPLF leadership consisted—and still consists—of some of the most corrupted, narcissists, and sadistic individuals who have committed so many horrific crimes (most of it through proxy (EPRDF) with the OPDOs of the Oromia region being one perfect example of that; the same group that is shedding the blood of the peaceful protesters on the streets of Oromia today) for 27 years before they were replaced by yet another power thirsty dictator who, let’s not forget, is also a product of EPRDF.

However, despite how I personally feel about TPLF, I believe that the Tigray people have the right to hold an election in their own regional state and I don’t think they need a permission from the central government to do it either. They should be allowed to elect whomever they think is good for them—even if they decide to re-elect TPLF again. It is THEIR CHOICE. Let’s never forget that.

Let’s also not forget that we have a bigger issue on our hand. We have a dangerous man with backward-looking ideologies and aspiration of reviving the oppressive and explorative imperial system of the past. That is worth focusing on. #OromoProtest

– Tamam Waritu