I’m very grateful for Jawar Mohammed for his extraordinary commitment and effective leadership

Friends, followers,

How have you been?

I know many of you have been in agony and denial.

I was devastated. I’m heartbroken. I am bewildered.

We lost someone special. We lost a great soul, a true superhero who used his talent to uplift the voice of our people. We lost the indefatigable, the fearless, the symbol of bravery and Oromumma. It is difficult to believe that Hachalu Hundessa is no longer with us.

Arresting our political leaders on aftermath of assassination of Hachalu Hundessa is really rubbing salt in our wound. Killing, arresting, maiming and harassing our people for they have asked justice for Hachalu and release of their leaders shows the heavy-handed nature of the incumbent. From firing credible and reputable officials like Lamma Megersa to arresting Oromos from all walks of life, the ruling party, made clear that betrayal and ineptitude is becoming the hallmark of their leadership.

As I have always been saying, I’m very grateful for Jawar Mohammed for his extraordinary commitment and effective leadership. Jawar is the most approachable and wise politician whose range and depth of knowledge inspire me most. No matter what, his bold contribution will be remembered today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

Our prisons are overcrowded. Overcrowding in many places of detention undermines hygiene, health, and safety of prison inmates. It further exposes them to COVID-19 infection. I urge health leaders and officials to encourage political leaders to take a swift and firm measure aimed at ensuring healthy and safe custody, and reduce overcrowding in prisons and other detention centers.

Nuredin Luke, MD.