Jawar Mohammed is not treat to Ethiopian security

Jawar Mohammed is not a threat to Ethiopian security. He is a real negoititor and the most trusted politician in Ethiopian history. Forget about haters! Just look back his interviews in good and bad days! He has a clean and clear track record and will be responsibly deliver his duties if we elect him. As you all know, there is no single case against Jawar et al to sentence them. All arrests were politically motivated by mafia group and retard pm. The legality of this mafia will end in this month and we will see how they order their killing machine aka military.
There is no other option on the table other than releasing all political prisoners and negoitiate with all stakeholders to form transition government to facilitate election in short period of time. The elected government will decide the fate of all killers including military and police. Every thing back fires and we have record of every cruel acts by those mafias. But, the retard has to be removed first before any negoition starts!
Oromo is winning fast!