PP is just naive collections of ANDM

PP is just naive collections of ANDM. The retard pm is playing them because he lost legtimacy from all Ethiopians. There is no connection between ANDM and Addis Ababa. Hands off from my city the villagers! Gonder is 700 kms away from Addis and there is no legitimate reasons why Amharas share Addis’s administration. Addis’s residents are mostly Amharic speaking citizens but majority of them have Oromo blood. This is the reason why Eskinder lost legtomacy on Addis. Birhanu the oppirtunist understood the power of Oromos and is supporting the retard to the stomach. You can not take Addis from Oromos. However, Addis does not deserve to be mayored by villagers like Takele Uma and Adanech Abebe. There are so many decent Oromos who are hailed from the city. Though Adanech is paving way for Birhanu for mayorship, it will backfire soon as brave Oromos are closer to control the palace. My city, the strong hold of this mafia, is already engulfed by brave Oromos to oust the mafia once and for all. The jailed Jawar already defeated the mafia and he will be freed by force soon. But, I am ashamed of my home boys and girls bitching with villagers like Adanech Abebe. Reject them all and elect your own mayor you moron Addis residents!