Sheikh Umar Suleyman shows how dangerous Abiy Ahmed’s PP is

The cold-blooded murder of Sheikh Umar Suleyman (Tawil), his wife and their three-month old child is a chilling reminder of just how dangerous Abiy Ahmed, and his PP clique have become to Oromos and anyone who stands in the way of his Make Ethiopia Great Again (MEGA) project.
Sheikh Umar is 70 years old. He is a highly regarded Muslim scholar in the area and a haafizal qur’an (someone who memorized the Qur’an completely) widely respected by his congregation and the local community. He is the Imam at the local mosque and is not involved in any sort of politics.
Sheikh Omar and his wife were killed in their house after eight security personnel fired 28 rounds, in what can only be described as an unnecessary, excessive, and disproportionate use of deadly force by Abiy Ahmed’s out of control security forces. Their three-month old child died a day later.
Sheikh Qaasim Rashaad, a deputy Imam at Ikraam Masjiid, was shot in front of his mosque and is currently receiving treatment in Asalla Hospital. Abdulkarim, a young person who rushed to save Sheikh Kassim after he fell to the ground, was shot and killed.
The delusional narcissist at 4 kilo sees the Oromo nation and Oromo nationalism, two forces that brought him to power, as a threat to his naive ambition to Make Ethiopia Great Again. From the events of the last few days, and the overwhelming violence against peaceful protesters, it is clear that he is determined to use as much violence as is necessary to realize his personal ambition.