The Ethiopia’s Former PM Maintains His Usual Deceits as His Authoritarian Regime Squabbles about Diplomatic Disarray!

The Ethiopia’s Former PM Maintains His Usual Deceits as His Authoritarian Regime Squabbles about Diplomatic Disarray!

I. Background

Ethiopia is a sophisticated empire with varying historical narratives. Its histories are stitched together with obfuscating lies, deceits and fallaciously fabricated arguments whose core theme undignifies the ruled majority by increasingly glorifying the accounts of the ruling minority. Evidences show that the rulers since 1890s have continually dehumanised their subjects and to date want to remain embarking on their dehumanising projects using various excuses; mainly the unity of the empire. When two antagonising narratives are on the table; always one must be fact and the other fallacy. On one hand the traditional rulers work day and night to keep the status quo whose base is colonising both the mentality and resources of the their subjects; on the other the ruled fight back to extricate themselves from ~135 years old subjugation and exploitation. This friction, left unaddressed politically, is potentially leading the country to the brink of rough disintegration; and it is real and gravely that the former PM and his unionist entourages hardly assert!

This was the historical precedent during which the former PM, Colonel Abiy Ahmed (who is to date staying on power out with constitutional mandate) emerged as a self-appointed candidate claiming to lead the country through the transitional period following the demise of his own party led government (EPRDF) following the Oromo led revolution of 2014 to end 2017; where the Oromo nation has paid heavily with precious lives of over 5,800 civilians. To date the Oromo nation is increasingly targeted and massacred by the unionist regime of the former PM. Following the downfall of his own party, the former PM has officially acknowledged that his EPRDF throughout its 27 years tenure (mid 1991 to early 2018) was engaged in state-terrorism where inhumane treatments of the citizens were widespread. Apologising for the indicated, he has also promised to remedy these ills by introducing radical political reforms and bringing the entire perpetrators to justice.

II. Short-Lived and Unfulfilled Promises that is Dashing the Hopes of >115 Million.

Following the former PM’s inauguration on April 02, 2018, he has introduced significant reforms including the releases of hundreds of prominent political prisoners, bridging the gap between Eritrea and Ethiopia that has been at logger heads since the border conflict of 1998-2000 (that has claimed the lives of between 80,000 and 100.000), recalling all opposition political groups operating in Diaspora most of who were alleged of inciting violence hence branded as terrorist organisations and their decriminalisation, easing of freedom of expressions and assembly and promising nations and peoples of Ethiopia rights to genuine federalism and self-determination. However, these promises and vows were honoured for fewer than nine months before the history repeats itself.

Astonishingly, he took the very opposite to his vows after 9 months in power when he became increasingly obsessed with beautifying his self-image and working toward ascertaining his narcissist dream of becoming the 7th king of the empire by following on the footsteps of the Abyssinian kings, Menelik II and Emperor Hailesilassie. He became engrossed with glorifying the indicated kings whom the subjugated nations consider them as being as colonisers. Disregarding the outcries of the oppressed majority for justice and equality; the former PM became officially engaged in renovating the palaces and monuments of the indicated kings instead of addressing the realistic needs of the subjects whose grievances culminated in a revolution to bring his own EPRDF to its knees following the indicated Oromo led revolution of 2014 to early 2018.

As part of his delusional project, the former PM started denying almost all rights he has promised to honour including masterminding of a high profile assassinations (mainly in Oromia, Sidama, Amahra), arrests of high profile political figures (mainly in Oromia and Sidama), orchestrating religions and ethnic conflicts by claiming to be peace broker as he works his way toward the top of the ladder in his search for his delusional ambition of becoming the 7th king. He has also discreetly brokered about the great renaissance dam with the USA to stop its progress and agreed to stop the progression of the project, the action that tantamount a treason. He has turned the empire upside down as he strides toward his own egoist projects by side-lining national interests of the empire and the yearning of its subjects for justice, fairness, equality and rights to self-rule.

III. His Lack Of Insight Into The Reality As He Is Obsessed With Self-Image.

Self-image obsessed narcissist- the former PM is far from reality. He is repeatedly showing that he is engrossed in his own world that is incompatible with the demands and expectations of the subjects. He has repeatedly failed the honouring of his promises and vows he has uttered during his inauguration speech where he has solemnly promised to work and live up for the will of the majority. Currently, the reality on the ground dictates the harshest reality. His inconsistence coupled with his lack of common vision has put the empire he erroneously aspires to be the 7th king at the verge of inevitable collapse. He has shown that he is such inhumane dictator who is capable of obliviously and sadistically undermining the suffering of the subjects whilst funding less essential projects he wants to build his egoist ambition upon.

There are over 2,000,000 internally displaced people and over 20,000,000 citizens depend on a foreign food aid, inter-and-intra-ethnic and his regime masterminded religious confits are rampant, over 85% of the citizens struggle to make living whilst tens of thousands of youth flee the empire looking for a better life abroad on yearly basis. The leader of the Orthodox religion (who is pro-former PM Abiy’s regime) has recently declared religious war and the country’s former deputy PM Mr Demeke Mekonen and Amhara regional security boss) have officially declared the arming of an ethnic Amhara people under the pretext of defending their rights to prove the validity of my argument about the empire’s stride toward chaotic eventuality.

Moreover, an organised criminal group involving government’s security, police and judiciary personnel obliviously undertake raids, kidnaping of children and demanding ransom, corruption, nepotism and all-round political and democratic malice are rampaging the empire by virtually turning it into lawless anarchy. The capital Finfinnee (Addis Ababa) itself is not immune from the indicated political and socio-economic catastrophes. This added to an already heightening political tension as the OLF and OFC unanimously call for an urgent transitional government (cognizant of the failure of the former PM and his unionist entourages) is taking the current affairs to the alarming climax that may lead the empire to the dangerous consequences the former PM and his unionist entourages are remotely aware of.

In lights the above, the former PM is rather activity engaged in:-

1. Military show down including creating huge police and para-military groups that are meticulously masterminded to defend his illegal regime that has decided to remain on power unconstitutionally- illegally using billions of ETB.
2. Determined in funding less priority projects such as Inxoxo (Intoto) and Meskel square projects using billions of ETB at the expenses the majority to beautify his psychopathic image.
3. Plotting and assassinating high profile politicians and military leaders (Hacaaluu Hundessa, Engineer Simegnew, General Sa’are, Dr Ambachew, General Asaminew ….. and numerous others and tens of thousands of Oromo, Sidama and the rest nations civilians)
4. Unlawfully arresting high profile Oromo, Sidama and some unionist political figures
5. Masterminding conflicts to appear peace broker for the conflicts his regime meticulously plans and stage-manages.
6. Engaging in Oromo terrorising mission since the end of 2018 as his regime continually commits genocide mainly in Oromia and generally in Sidama and elsewhere in the empire.
7. Selling and trading with the properties and lands of the subjects without constitutional mandate to do so…

IV. Giving Away the Sovereignty of the Empire to the Foreign Country

Although it has superficially appeared that the former PM, Colonel Abiy Ahmed was seriously concerned about thus has worked to create genuine peace and harmony between the two countries (Ethiopia and Eritrea), his ambition is a personal. It is becoming clearer than ever that his ambitious is far from the superficial pretence. He had his hidden motto as he keeps his delusional dream of becoming the 7th king of the empire. In this aspect, he has found the Eritrea’s president, Mr Isayas Afeworki as a very important role model simply because Mr Afeworki has ruled Eritrea with the iron feast by removing all opponents from his road to create a ‘one-man-rule’ in Eritrea. As the former PM dreams on becoming the 7th king by all possible means, he finds the Eritrea’s dictator the best role model who can show him means of silencing his opponents as he paves his way to royalty.

Therefore, for colonel Abiy the sovereignty of the country is secondary. The is why he has discretely negotiated with USA and Egypt to stop the progression of dam project in return for America to help him to get his 2019 Noble Peace Prize at the expenses of the project funded by all peoples in Ethiopia. His unionist sympathisers to date blindly share his delusional ambition simply because Isayas vehemently opposes to the ideals of self-rule in both his country and Ethiopia.

Therefore, the former PM has allowed an unrestricted access for the Eritrean president and his security apparatuses to the Ethiopian security and military systems by severely violating the rights of the peoples’ in Ethiopia to sovereignty. It is becoming clear that everything in the Ethiopian empire is conducted in Mr Afeworki’s terms. Thus, the Eritrea’s president is coming back and forth on several occasions and so does the Ethiopia’s former PM colonel Abiy Ahmed to Eritrea. Both dictators discuss critical issues discreetly and to date no one knows what those discreet discussions might be apart from analysing based on circumstantial evidences.

The majority of the subjects argue that doing so is a treason deserving an immediate impeachment of the former PM and his entire cabinet that is illegally selling the Ethiopia’s security and military systems to the foreign country; and illegally negotiated with the USA to stop the progression of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Over a week ago, the Eritrea’s President has returned to his country after ensuring that all the Ethiopia’s security and military apparatuses are under his indirect control during his three days visit of the Empire whose purpose has not been disclosed to the stakeholders.

V. Conclusion and Recommendations

The Ethiopia’s Oromo led revolution has culminated in the downfall of the EPRDF’s regime in early 2018. The demand of the Oromo youth known as Qeerroo and Qaarree and the peoples of over 80 nations during the EPRDF’s barbaric reign were: – politico-economic justice, fairness, democratic and nations’ rights to genuine self-rule and managing their own affairs. The struggle has demanded huge material and human costs as the Oromo nation shouldered huge share of anguish during indicated period until the former PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed has assumed power on 02, April 2018. There were also hundreds of thousands of civilians similarly sacrificed their lives in different parts of the country including in Sidama, Ogadenia, Afar, Amhara, Gambela, Shakacho, Benshangul, Wolayta, Hadiya and elsewhere demanding these rights.

Over 80 nations of the country have unanimously demanded a structural political change with possible all-inclusive transitional governments. As struggle of the Oromo youth intensifies, the EPRDF’s Oromo with some Amhara and SPDM’s cadres agree to surreptitiously conspire against their own EPRDF’s mastermind (TPLF) to claim they can lead the country throughout the transitional period. This was the time the former PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed appeared as self-appointed leader to become part of the plotters to take over the power albeit his being the member of EPRDF’s security and cyber intelligence masterminds that has dehumanized the subjects for over two decades. Subsequently, he has promised to the peoples of Ethiopia whom his regime has deprived them of the indicated rights to deliver their demands. He has deceitfully apologised for all ill befallen the empire and taken responsibility on behalf of his EPRDF. Thus he has vowed to bring all criminals (whom he has claimed state terrorists) to justice. The subjects gullibly believed the former PM Colonel Abiy Ahmed at his face value.

In reality, since he has assumed power, the former PM has shown his political immaturity, lack of leadership skill and will to honour his promises as he totally lacks the understating of the demand of mass for genuine self-rule as he works day and night to create unitary empire the subjects vehemently reject. His incompetence, inconsistence and biased ambition to reverse the current little gain is backfiring although there are unionist elements inadvertently supporting him erroneously thinking he can assist them in maintaining the status quo. These groups must think twice, and the time is now to do so.

5:1 Recommendations

The former PM colonel Abiy Ahmed and his unionist entourages have got few options. The first and foremost option is demilitarising Oromia, Sidama and the entire south of Ethiopia as a matter of urgency. The second key options are unconditionally releasing all the Oromo, Sidama, and the rest nation’s and peoples’ political prisoners and preparing for all-inclusive empire wide political dialogue by holding national consensus conferences where the entire stake holders indistinguishably take part to prepare for genuine all-inclusive transitional government as per the OLF’s and OFC’s recommendations that I fully endorse.

Finally, all stakeholders must unite in demanding the former PM’s illegal regime to facilitate for an urgent transitional arrangement by unconditionally releasing all political in the empire.

By Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland, October 25, 2020