We can see That Ahmaras are Controlling Oromia region including Addis Ababa

If we see the current developments carefully, we can observe that Amharas are controlling Oromia including Addis. Oromo businessmen are replaced by Amharas.

Oromo media institutions are chased and closed while Amhara medias including the mafia’s media are waging wars uninterrupted. Oromo icons are chased and killed while Amhara icons are nurtured. Oromo people are killed every seconds while Amharas are celebrating victories of the dead of their fictitious enemy.

Oromo politicians are suffering in jail and Amhara politicians are controlling the palace. Amhara musicians with their parasite ones are making millions of Birr while poor Oromo singer is not allowed to live on this earth. Oromo women are killed and beaten and Amhara women’s bodies are washed and cleaned by the retard.

Amharas are dominating the federal institutions while the small presence of Oromos made them mad and subject to terminations. Amharas are dominating embassies in and abroad, fewer Oromos present are being pushed out of their assignment. Oromo rich cultures like Gada are labeled as killer but Amharas culture are considered national icons. Oromo language is barred from any form of development and Amharic is supported tremendously.Oromos from Addis are uprooted while Amharas from Gojjam are relocated displessing poor farmers of Oromo. What else remaining to extinct Oromos? I doubt!

This all things happened on Oromos due to the incompetence and excessive power hungry of the retard and the excessive use of the weakness of him by Amhara politicians. Of course, there is a weakness in Oromo side that men scared of guns! First thing is first, remove the retard with his accessories and the case of neo-feudals will of the strategic policy setting!

Oromo is winning, regardless!