Why #Tigray’s Election Matters??

We highly applauded for Tigray Leadership and the people have undertaken a very transparent, rational and Democratic election on September 9, 2020.

  1. TPLF has denied tyrant and dictatorship ruling ideologies and practices in modern and 21st century Tigray; rather TPLF enshrines and embraces progressive political values policies and principles…Liberty, Equality, human freedom.

2. At least this time, TPLF has distanced itself from military and one party rule rather promoted people’s and civilian rule… We know most Guerrilla /rebel fighters like TPLF fail to accept and promote Democratic values.. For Example, Isaias Afwork of Eritrea who has a similar background with TPLF has failed and decelerated Eritrean aspirations backward!!  Very sad for beautiful country I know…

  1. Tigray will remain internally peaceful and stable …and Tigray continues to undertake rapid and sustainable economic, environmental and social transformations. Democratic elections promote and advance diversity of thoughts /ideas and innovation…
  2. Tigray has further opened itself to the international community and connected with wider world! Tigray continues to attract more Foreign Direct Investment and foreign Tourists…this is a great economic front that Tigray could easily conquer!

But what will be the setbacks for Tigray’s aspirations! We gonna see!! I hope #Tigray stands in solidarity with #Oromos, #Somali, #Wolayita, #Sidama, #Qimant and #Agaw to democratize Ethiopia and stabilize the Horn of Africa! We don’t want war! PM Abiy Ahmed would stop his egoistic and cruel and brutal behaviour, rather stop horror and heinous war crimes in #Oromia​​​​! Free Jawar Mohammed: The great man of 21st century in Ethiopia! September 30, 2020 is the deadline!  Ethiopia has bleak prospect unless the world intervenes!!! Great job Done Tigray!